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Workplace Conflict Resolution Training

You need your team better equipped to handle conflicts.
Well, you’ve come to the right place. Resolve is rated #1 in the U.S. for providing conflict resolution training solutions for companies of all sizes and industries.





Customized Conflict Training Solutions

Depending on your industry, company size, and team dynamic, your staff may have particular needs when it comes to managing conflict. That’s why Resolve offers a range of conflict resolution skills workshops and customizes every training to meet the needs of your organization.

Conflict Resolution Training

Learn how to best resolve conflicts when misinterpretations and miscommunications arise between coworkers.

Conflict Management Training

Learn how to mitigate the risks of ongoing disputes when conflict is predicted or inevitable in the workplace.

De-Escalation Skills Training

Learn how to calm people down when emotions run high and we need to find solutions that work for everyone.

Communication Skills Training

Learn foundational communication techniques that will help any team member build better relationships at work.

Conflict Coaching

Engage your team in personalized one-on-one coaching to enhance their conflict management and communication skills.

Online Training Available

We offer both in-person and online or virtual training workshops to fit the needs of your busy team members.


Resolve Conflict Resolution Training is part of the largest workplace conflict management firm in the U.S. We are not a general workplace training company. We are focused solely on workplace conflict resolution, with peacebuilders and trainers all around the U.S. focused on one thing: Workplace Peace. All of our trainers are also practitioners, so your team will learn from conflict experts actually working in the field.

Our Audiences

Working through the complexities of interpersonal conflicts that happen in the workplace, school, and community requires more than just a good sense of awareness. It demands a tailored approach to understand and address the unique challenges when communicating with other human beings. These challenges are faced by all of the different roles existing within any organization. At Resolve, we specialize in crafting conflict resolution training that will work for the specific needs of your audience, from the boardroom to the front lines. Whether you’re a manager striving to cultivate a cohesive team, an HR professional working to maintain workplace harmony, or a first responder managing crises, our programs are designed to give you the right strategies and skills needed for creating and nourishing an environment of understanding, respect, and effective communication. By focusing on the nuances of each role, we ensure that your team walks away with actionable insights and tools to make a positive impact in their professional and personal interactions.

Managers & Leaders

For managers and leaders, mastering conflict resolution is not just a skill—it's a necessity that defines the success of a team. Our training goes beyond the basics, offering nuanced strategies that transform potential conflicts into opportunities for growth and collaboration. By integrating our techniques, you'll learn to approach disagreements with empathy and innovation, ensuring your team remains unified even in challenging times. These skills are crucial for maintaining a productive atmosphere where every team member feels valued and heard. It's about elevating your leadership to create an environment where challenges are met with collective resilience and a shared vision. This approach is essential for leaders aiming to inspire and guide their teams toward success in any professional setting.


In the fabric of a thriving workplace, every employee has a thread to weave. Our training empowers you with more than just conflict resolution skills—it instills a sense of responsibility and proactive engagement. Learning to navigate disagreements with empathy and understanding not only enhances workplace relationships but also contributes to a culture of inclusivity and respect. These skills are vital for fostering an environment where everyone can collaborate freely, share ideas without hesitation, and contribute to the team's success. It's about shaping a workplace where every voice matters, and every challenge is a step toward collective achievement. For employees at every level, these skills are the cornerstone of personal and professional development.

HR Professionals

HR professionals stand at the helm of cultivating a positive workplace culture. Our training is designed to refine your ability to mediate and resolve conflicts with a deep understanding of human dynamics. It equips you with advanced strategies for preempting conflicts before they escalate, ensuring policies are not just implemented but are lived experiences. This training enhances your capability to build bridges, encourage open dialogue, and maintain an environment where employees feel secure and valued. As a cornerstone of workplace harmony, your role is pivotal in guiding the organization toward a future where conflict resolution is embedded in the corporate ethos. HR professionals usually become the architects of a resilient and empathetic workplace, which is essential for navigating the complexities of the modern work environment.

Customer Service

In customer service, every interaction matters, and the ability to defuse tense situations and transform challenges into positive outcomes is invaluable. Our training gives customer service professionals the skills to navigate customer complaints with a level of empathy and efficiency that not only resolves issues but also strengthens customer relationships. By applying empathetic listening and effective communication strategies, service representatives can turn potential conflicts into opportunities for building trust and enhancing brand loyalty. Additionally, our training emphasizes the importance of understanding the customer's perspective, fostering an environment where every customer feels genuinely heard and valued. Elevate your service standards by adopting strategies that ensure every customer interaction ends on a positive note, solidifying customer loyalty and promoting a positive brand image.


Nursing is a profession that demands a blend of medical expertise and emotional intelligence. Our training is designed to equip nurses with the skills necessary to provide not only exceptional physical care but also unparalleled emotional support. By learning techniques for calming anxious patients and empathetically navigating stressful interactions, nurses can significantly enhance the patient care experience. These skills are critical in building a foundation of trust and safety—essential components of the healing process. Our training also covers strategies for effectively communicating with both patients and their families, ensuring that all parties feel supported and understood. By fostering an environment of empathy and respect, nurses can enhance their caregiving capabilities, contributing to better patient outcomes and a more supportive healthcare setting.


Teachers hold the power to influence futures through their role as educators and role models in conflict resolution. Our training provides teachers with comprehensive strategies for de-escalating classroom tensions and creating an atmosphere of safety and support—where learning and personal growth can flourish. By equipping educators with tools to foster respect, understanding, and cooperation with each and every one of their students, we pave the way for a more effective learning environment. These strategies not only improve the classroom atmosphere but also teach valuable life skills to students, preparing them to navigate conflicts constructively in the future. Additionally, our training emphasizes the importance of creating inclusive classrooms where every student feels valued and engaged, further enhancing the educational experience for all.


In today's fast-paced educational environments, equipping students with the ability to navigate conflicts is more important than ever. Our training goes beyond academic achievements. It instills essential life skills that foster resilience, empathy, and a deep-seated understanding of diverse perspectives. By integrating conflict resolution into their toolkit, students are better prepared to face challenges both inside and outside the classroom, promoting a culture of respect and inclusivity. These skills are critical not just for academic success but for personal growth and future workplace interactions, ensuring students are well-rounded and adaptable to any situation. With our training, students learn to approach disagreements with a constructive mindset, paving the way for positive outcomes and enhanced social interactions.

First Responders

First responders operate in environments where tensions can escalate quickly, and the ability to defuse situations effectively can be life-saving. Our specialized training gives these heroes so much more than just de-escalation techniques. It goes on to provide a comprehensive approach to managing emotional dynamics under pressure, which is something they face every day. By mastering these skills, first responders can ensure the safety and well-being of both the public and themselves and, in turn, reduce the potential for conflict while creating a sense of trust within the community. This training enhances their capacity to remain composed, make critical decisions swiftly, and communicate effectively, thereby improving the overall effectiveness of their response to emergencies.


Working within charities often means engaging with individuals in distress or crisis, where empathetic communication is key to fostering positive interactions. Our training provides charity workers with the tools to navigate these delicate situations with grace and understanding, ensuring that their efforts to help are as effective as possible. By adopting de-escalation techniques, workers can create a supportive environment that encourages open dialogue and trust, which is crucial for the successful delivery of aid. These skills can help to enhance the impact of charitable work while also contributing to the emotional well-being of both the giver and the receiver, reinforcing the foundation of compassion that drives the sector.

Get your team training in essential conflict management skills!


We found such value in the program that we are now launching to our entire company! I would highly recommend Resolve to anyone who is looking for development in conflict resolution and how to improve communication.
Kalli Blackwell Peterman, Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes
Our company had a wonderful experience with Resolve. Our de-escalation seminar was the perfect amount of informative and interactive.
Margaret Stalvey, All Elite Wrestling
It is rare for our admin group to be positive about professional development and yet there was near-universal praise for this workshop. We hope to continue to work with Resolve in the years to come.


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Workplace Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict resolution skills are an important part of any management job. Most managers have never had formal conflict resolution training, though. Therefore, dealing with workplace conflicts presents a challenge that takes up a lot of their time and energy. The good news is that by engaging in conflict resolution training, managers can sharpen their conflict resolution skills and get better at managing conflict within their organizations.

Why Should You Choose Workplace Conflict Resolution Training?

No matter your industry, your team members are counting on you to help them resolve conflict. Your excellent communication skills got you the job as a manager, and everyone is looking to you to apply those skills to conflict management. Customer service agents and retail cashiers should be helpful to customers and help them navigate routine issues, but for the most part, conflict resolution is above their pay grade. Your employees are counting on you to be a leader, and managing workplace conflict is an important component of leadership.

Conflict Resolution Can Occur in Many Workplace Situations

You might not work in an industry where you are likely to encounter belligerent people, but you can encounter workplace conflict in almost any line of work. For example, active listening and problem-solving are useful skills in any management job. You can get better at these skills and other conflict resolution strategies when you take a conflict resolution training course.

When conflict occurs in a work setting where people work with the same colleagues day after day and year after year, the manager should address it promptly. Unresolved conflict can quickly turn a friendly workplace into an unpleasant and unproductive one. If your team deals directly with customers, then finding a mutually acceptable solution to each customer complaint is all in a day’s work.

What Do You Learn in Conflict Resolution Training?

If you graduated from a college of business, you probably took an organizational behavior class. Therefore, you probably learned about basic mediation concepts. Your professor may have talked in general terms about conflict styles, active listening, creative problem-solving, effective communication, and building positive relationships with coworkers and clients. Once you got to the workplace, though, you probably realized that you still had a lot to learn.

Even if you have a master’s degree and if people who know you in your personal and professional life praise your emotional intelligence, you could still benefit from conflict resolution training. Resolve offers customized online training for managers and other decision-makers in a wide variety of industries. In our conflict resolution courses, you will learn how to manage conflict in the situations that you personally encounter in your line of work.

Conflict Management Skills Can Make You a More Effective Manager

Whether you are managing a small business or the human resources department of a large company, improving your communication skills can lead to more effective conflict resolution on your team and in other areas of your organization. Your improved conflict resolution skills can lead to faster and less stressful problem-solving throughout your team.

A company culture where there is improved communication improves morale throughout the organization. You can model good communication skills or even require team leaders to take a conflict resolution course similar to the conflict resolution workshop that you attended. On the other hand, if you do not address conflicts in your organization and do not empower your employees to address them, then your organization will feel like a hotbed of conflict. This will lead to decreased productivity, employee burnout, and low morale.

Conflict Resolution Training Is Within Your Reach

You do not have to fly your entire team out to California for the supervisory employees to become more competent in conflict resolution. Resolve offers a variety of formats to make our conflict reduction training courses accessible to the greatest number of people. You can choose an in-person or online format, depending on your company’s needs. Resolve offers synchronous and asynchronous online courses in which participants will learn effective strategies for dealing with conflict at work.

What Is the Best Course for Resolving Conflict at Your Workplace?

In order to reduce the adverse effects of ongoing conflicts at your place of employment, you should choose an appropriate course that focuses on the skills needed to address the particular kinds of conflict that have been occurring at your organization. For example, if the problem is that co-workers keep having misunderstandings or annoying each other simply because they have different styles of communication, then a course that focuses on interpersonal communication could be most beneficial.

If your team is tasked with customer-facing roles, then a course specific to customer service could be the most appropriate for you. You will learn about the most common causes of disputes between customers and businesses. Participants will also learn to keep their emotions in check when dealing with difficult people. Employees will learn to focus on finding solutions to problems that the employees themselves did not create.

Skills Development Courses to Help You Manage Conflict

Your organization will benefit if you take one of our courses and then apply the techniques you have learned when you return to your workplace. It is even better, though, to invest in the professional development of the employees who report to you. If all the employees on your team participate in one of our courses, then they will all learn the tools for preventing and managing conflict. This will increase the productivity of all parties involved.

How Does Our Training Program Work?

Everyone enters the process of participating in our courses with a similar goal, namely, they want to get better at the resolution of conflict within their organizations. Based on several factors, we will help you decide which program among our course offerings is the best for you. For example, you might be struggling with situations where you must bring the parties to a dispute together in the same room to talk out their issues until they arrive at a resolution. In this case, you should take a course where you learn the tools to navigate the mediation process. Mediation is not part of everyone’s job description, though. Some people just need to learn the tools of maintaining respectful relationships with their colleagues and the art of putting aside personal differences in order to foster the development of strong collegial relationships.

Conflict Resolution Is for Introverts, Too

Resolving conflicts at work does not always require you to confront other people or talk publicly about interpersonal conflicts among colleagues. Effective conflict resolution can take place over email conversations, in which no one else is cc’d or bcc’d. Our classes and coaching focus on the specific types of conflicts that you encounter at work. You can even count on us to help you to develop strategies for dealing with a conflict that has been going on between you and another person at your job for a long time.

Leadership Training Can Help You Address Conflict at Your Job

Conflict resolution ability is a hallmark of leadership. If you are new to a management role, then conflict resolution is probably your Achilles heel. Before you started working in your current position, you only had to worry about disputes that directly involved you. Other people’s conflicts and other people’s emotions were not your problem. Participating in a conflict resolution program with Resolve can help you adjust to your new role and help you get better at handling the process of the resolution of conflicts at work.

What Can Participants Expect From a Conflict Resolution Session?

Depending on which program you choose, you will learn how to navigate the resolution of conflicts that commonly arise in your work environment. There is no one-size-fits-all method of conflict resolution. There are different approaches to conflict resolution, just as there are different approaches to conflict. The staff of Resolve will discuss your situation with you and help you identify your needs and those of the other participants that you want to include in the conflict resolution process.

What Is So Special About Resolve?

The Resolve team brings expertise in workplace psychology and conflict resolution and applies it to your needs and your situation. Our team members have experience as academics, entrepreneurs, and mediators, but helping people have a peaceful experience at work is our true passion. We believe that everyone deserves a work environment where respect and fair treatment rule the day. Very few workplace conflicts are insurmountable. Rather, the problem is that most people are simply left to their own devices when it comes to resolving conflicts at their jobs and have never learned about conflict resolution in the context of a work environment.

The Resolve Difference

The workplace conflict resolution training workshops are vibrant, fun, interactive, and, most importantly, relevant to your experiences and situations at work. They are concise and convenient. Online, in-person, and hybrid formats are available. We also offer one-on-one coaching sessions for leaders. We also have group training programs for entire work teams. We even offer courses where participants come from the same industry but have not met each other before participating in our events.

Contact Resolve and Start Resolving Conflicts

Just a few sessions with resolve will give you the strategies and the confidence you need to address the conflicts that have been causing trouble at your workplace for a long time. No matter how busy you are, you will be able to do your job more effectively if you invest in improving your conflict resolution skills. Contact Resolve today to talk with our professional trainers.


Need your staff better equipped to handle conflict at work? Talk to our team today to learn how we can help!

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